Namaste means: “My soul honors your soul”.

Chai Latte is inspired by authentic Chai. It is very often the first Chai experience people have.

To make our special full of goodness chai, we use the best ingredients in the world. No cutting corners – ever! We measure every fresh-ground spice to perfection. Our chai is never from a concentrate or powder, nor do we use artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients.

Our chai is traditionally made, no short cuts. We focus on quality instead of quantity. Our mission is to serve our community something healthy, nutritious, unique, spicy, sweet but not too sweet, and fun that benefits the body.

My grandma would get up every morning and make this delicious Chai for the whole family. I’m continuing that tradition and creating an authentic Chai experience right here in Fargo, North Dakota. Freshly brewed chai refreshes you with each sip. Chai made with love can make everything right. It is fuel for the soul!


Did you know that the modern-day Chai we’ve all fallen in love with is not the original Chai? The earliest chai did not contain tea leaves, milk, or sweetener. The recipes for making Chai differed according to the seasons, regions, and the available ingredients each family had on hand. There was no one recipe, each was unique. But how did it start?

Like anything in history, there are many stories about the origins of Chai. The most widely believed beginning says that there was a King in India who wanted to create a healing Ayurvedic drink for his people and for himself. During long court days, he wanted something to keep him awake. He knew that in Assam, India, the locals used tea leaves as herbal medicine, so he set out to gather ingredients that were known for their healing properties:

  • The heat from ginger and black pepper was believed to stimulate digestion
  • Thee antiseptic properties in cloves helped relieve pain
  • Cardamom pods elevated mood
  • Cinnamon supported circulation and respiratory function
  • Star anise was known to promote healthy skin

This blend was the first Chai. It wasn’t until the British colonization of India that the modern additions of black tea, milk, and sweetener happened. Loose tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling are most used in Chai.

(Fun fact: “chai” means tea, so when you say “chai tea,” you’re really saying “tea tea!”)


Hot or Iced Chai

Organic Chai – Our signature blend of spices, herbs, and black tea with organic milk or milk substitute.
Dirty Chai – chai with a single shot of espresso.
Filthy Chai – chai with a double shot of espresso.
Cozy Vanilla Chai – chai with vanilla – a customer favorite!
Chai Mocha – chai with chocolate. Can be served with or without espresso.
Fresh Mango Chai – our signature chai with fresh mangos. Delicious!
Chai-Lada – chai with pineapple and coconut. A healthy twist on a pina colada!
Coconut Chai – chai with coconut milk
Liquid Sunshine – tumeric chai with white chocolate
Detox Chai – tumeric, ginger, green cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and green tea (no milk, no caffeine)

Iced Beverages

Mango Lassi – delicious smoothie made with fresh mango juice and yogurt (no caffeine)
Chai Charger – chai with Red Bull.
Fresh Strawberry Chai – chai and fresh strawberries
Hibiscus Healer – otherwise known as Chai Pink Drink, no caffeine (dirty optional)
Chamomile Healer – a calming, lightly fruity beverage, no caffeine (dirty optional)
Pomegranate Juice – not from concentrate. Sweet, smooth, and refreshing (limited availability)
Mango Juice – fresh mango juice


Organic Mango Lemonade – lemonade and mango juice, a delicious twist to a favorite
Organic Cherry Lemonade – lemonade and cherries, so refreshing!
Organic Hibiscus Lemonade – tart yet fruity and sure to please

Regular Teas

Organic Orange Hibiscus Tea – soothing tea with orange, hibiscus, and cinnamon (no milk, no caffeine)
Organic Chamomile Lemongrass Tea – warm and calming, pefect for a hectic day treat (no milk, no caffeine)
Peach Tea – the light flavor of peach combined with our own blend of warming spices

Tasty Treats

Our Mini Bites (2 pack) – oats, raisins, dried apricots, flax, chia, and sunflower seeds with a touch of honey and then sprinkled with dessicated coconut. Chewy, delicious, and energy-packed!
Dark Chocolate Pecan Cookies (2 pack) – dark chocolate and pecans. A rich, sweet treat.
Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 pack) – an all-time favorite and traditional pleaser
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (2 pack) – oatmeal, raisins, and love.
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies (2 pack) – sweet and tart, perfect with a delicious chai

Milk Substitutes (can be added to any beverage for a small upcharge)

Oat Milk
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk